Downloading Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

Before downloading Adobe Acrobat Reader DC via the link we've provided, check to make sure this program or a similar pdf reading program isn't already available on your computer.  

Step 1: Click the "Download for Free" button found on our forms page. This will redirect you to Adobe's website. Click the blue "Download Now" button as pictured below.  

Step 1

Step 2: Click the yellow "Install Now" button in the bottom right-hand corner. Follow the directions provided by Adobe. Find the downloaded Adobe folder in your computer's download folder and open it. It is now time to install the program.  

Step 2

Step 3: Double click the folder labeled "Install Adobe Acrobat Reader DC." The program will automatically begin downloading. When completed, click "Finish." Adobe Acrobat Reader DC will immediately open with a small walkthrough of it's features.    

Step 3

Continue reading to learn how to open our Patient Packet in Acrobat and take full advantage of its fillable fields and automated submit button. 


Opening a PDF in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

Note: Any information filled out in the web browser prior to download and reopening in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC will be lost.

Step 1: The process for downloading any file from an online source varies depending on the web browser being used. This information will need to be researched individually.

Once the Patient Packet is downloaded, save to a location which can be easily accessed later. By default the file will be named Patient+Packet+Fields.pdf

Step 2: In Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, choose "File" then "Open" or a similar means of opening documents. Find Patient+Packet+Fields.pdf in the same place it was saved earlier. 

Step 3: Use the automated fields to easily and quickly enter your patient information.


Using the "Submit Form" button 

There are several valid options from submitting the Patient Packet form. 1) Print and manually turn-in to our office, 2) Save pdf and manually email file to our office - - 3) Use the embedded "Submit Form" button integrated into our pdf. Follow along to learn more about option 3. 

Step 1: Click the green "Submit Form" button on the 6th page of our pdf. 

Submit Button

Step 2: A dialog box with two options will appear that looks similar to the one pictured below. 

If you use an email application on your computer choose the option "Default email application." If you access email via web browser choose the second option "Use Webmail." In the drop down menu pick your email provider (Gmail, Yahoo, or Other). Enter your email address. You will be promoted to sign-in.

Step 3: An addressed email with the appropriate content should appear. The last step is to click send. All done!


Thank you

I hope this guide proved helpful and clear. If you have any questions give us a call at our office number. 785.628.1079